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Narrative & Form

Lisa Hurcum and Hugh Davies

The Marios Cafe Exhibition "Narrative & Form" is a project by Lisa Hurcum and Hugh Davies. Working in different ways in the same studio this exhibition focuses on the principal ideas that informs each of their separate practice.

Narrative comprises six linocut works by Lisa Hurcum: Jugs, Remembering, The Blossoming, After the party, Man on train and Eileen.

Each piece has evolved out of a series of short stories written by Lisa. These stories are reproduced in full alongside the images in the paper=works* booklet accompanying the exhibition. The stories and the linocuts capture the small details of peoples lives that resonate with the narratives that we all share.

Form comprises of six studies in a mixture of Linocut and Drypoint by Hugh Davies: Net study 1, 2 and 3 Drypoint and Net study 4, 5 and 6, Linocut

The studies are of a small boat dragged up onto the beach for winter. It has been upturned and protected with black plastic sheeting held tight to the hull with an old net stretched and lashed in place. The prints explore how lines, either scribed in a drypoint plate or gouged out of lino, capture this form on paper.

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